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Tink Tink Man Tink Tink Man

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love the was this created?

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Moors responds:

I started with a simple sketch in Paint Tool Sai, which I then painted over with the brush tool, just playing around with the shadows, not really trying to focus on the details, just roughing everything in pretty much.

After this, I plonked it into photoshop to apply textures and the rougher paint smears you see around the neck/chest area with layer settings and the likes.

Bloody Good Bloody Good

Rated 4 / 5 stars

were do you find insperation for art?

Piece 7 Piece 7

Rated 4 / 5 stars

whats wrong with drugs?

i dont believe the rape thin, but to the best of my knolage he WAS a drug user, and thiers NOTHING wrong with using drugs...every culter, every religion, every BODY on the planet has used drugs, weather its drugs natruly found in food, or plants, or even IN OUR BODY...dont let people make you think drug use is a bad thing....exsesive drug use is not always good, but minor drugs use is most case anyway...some people, the people who cant handle the drugs they use make the people who CAN handle thier drug use look not premoting the use of drugs, im premoting the idea of free thought, free activitie, i premote freedom...why is ethy-alcohol legal, but Lysergic acid-D not...or other drugs, i think the use of hard chemicals extracted from coca leaves is damaging tot he body, but so is Alcohol, not in the same ways, but yet still damaging...but on the same hand the use of coca leaves is not so damaging, its meerly stimulant, a natrual one at the, mutch like coffie, but in larger doses are simaler in some aspects...thiers nothing wrong with usind acid (LSA, LSA-D, etc) on your own time, and its not hurting anybody. NOBODY. if you want to argue some people will hurt others due to thier drug use, thats different, then they should be prosocuted for being under the influence of a drug & comiting whatever crim, but NOT for using the drug in the first place...

i like the picture (stencle art) and i think if you dont already know, the halo around the head is a religouse symbol. when most people take certain drugs (Amanita muscaria generaly, along with Lysergic acid,Lysergic acid-D, Psilocybin mushrooms, and others of the sort) people tend to have a white glow around the peripheraly of thier vision. this symbolic use is HIGHLY used in christianity, and alot of other middle eastern religoins. those religions would take muchrooms (or mana {sometimes soma) as said in the ric-bata(i mispelled that) ).

the use of these mushrooms also reaches out to early amarica, the shamen of tribes would colect the mushrooms when they are fully ripe, and ready to be plucked, they would generaly from under pine treed, (the enviroment is just right for the mushrooms, being the Amanita muscaria, which are red, with whie dots on them) these mushrooms on early stages tend to hide in the brush, taking the shape of an egg, (as in hidden eggs of easter) the mushrooms woulf be plucked from the dround (when ripe) and placed ontop of the pine tree to dry (as in the christmas tradition of decorating pine trees) in the whinter time these mushrooms would generaly be ripe enuegh to eat, the shamen would go from shanty house to shanty house delivering the mushrooms to the truibe members, sometimes the shamen would ride a karaboo driven slay (raindeer), in the winter some homes would be covered with ice, and snow, so the shamen would find an alternet way of entering the home, usualy being the chimney, or a window, (more often then not the chimny) the shamen would hold all of the mushrooms in a big white sack, and hold dress himself in the collors of this mushrooms (red and white). does this sound like any christian holiday to you?

the "easter rabbit" is a pagan thing. the rabbit (being the animal of fertility). at the time around easter, the solstis is also around, the solstic is a pagan holiday for fertility (in the crops, and in people and animal alike) hense the fertility "easter" rabit, as i sad befor the mushrooms would take shape of an eg generaly...

another note on the mushrooms, when the mushrooms become over ripe, they will bow upword, and form a "cup" shape, sort of a goblet, due, and water can easily sit in the mushrooms, and take out all the red from the mushroom, looking like blood allmost at a thick state, the "blood" can be drunk, and effects fallow. (blood of christ from a goblet?)

more information could be found if you want rather informative at times in some areas....just ask

just some info for the viewers is all....i hope you could read throguh it...

Mortemer responds:

Dude, I am not reading all of that.

Daisy Daisy

Rated 5 / 5 stars


the stem could have bin better but i like the emphisism on the petals...

Addiction Addiction

Rated 4 / 5 stars


i have the smae tat on my skull!!!

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Frankenstein Frankenstein

Rated 5 / 5 stars



Naked Naked

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars

allitle constructive critisism

well it is nice but the perportions on the over all look of it is a little off...

her right boob is a bit off...her ribs come up a bit to mutch...the size difference between he boobs is more noticable when i spotted that...

her hair is a diferent texture then the rest of her body and the picture for that matter...not a big deal but still noticable...

over all id give a seven or so for the small inperfections but that other dude....porny????

i understand your idea but you just have an ubstructed veiw on porn...see if she was blowing some dude i would agre but she just like sitting like that...leave her alone...

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Eple Eple

Rated 5 / 5 stars


just like the guy befor, thats a great picture...i read that its all photo shop....nice
anyway i love it man...butifull

Cuppy cake Cuppy cake

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


WOW THAT LOOKS COOL...umm anyway keep the pictures drawing....oh and check mine out to plz...immnot great but im not a amature...SCOUT ME!!!

bloominglove responds:


Flapjack! Flapjack!

Rated 4.5 / 5 stars


nice...flapjack does rule man, your rite on that piont...there arnt alot good cartoons these days....i dont wach many but i do watch flapjack and chowder....thats it...pretty much everything ells is stupid...

ps this show is 10 times funnyer stoned...